Who is Andy?

The Right Choice for House of Delegates

  • Life Long Resident of Parkersburg West Virginia
  • Son of Public Educators
  • Active Shriner Raising Money to Help Children
  • Carpenter
  • Owner of 3D Construction
  • Board Member of Parkersburg Marietta Contractors Association
  • Board Member of Carpenters Apprentice Program

Andy was raised by his two amazing parents, David and Brenda Daniel that both worked and retired as teachers. Thanks to his upbringing he was taught the importance of education and hard work. Andy became a carpenter after high school and started 3D Construction 6 years later in 2004. In the last 14 years Andy has developed 3D from just working alone to an average of 50 employees a year.

His passion has always been to be successful but more importantly to better the lives of the wonderful citizens of Parkersburg and West Virginia.  It is his goal in life to help make West Virginia a place that not only his children, but also your children can stay after college and call home. He wants to provide our youth with the opportunity for a good career path and believe they should not have to settle for less or leave the state to have a chance. Being in business for over 14 years Andy knows the struggles of a small business. He will be the first to admit that he doesn’t know all the answers but he does have the experience in everyday problem solving and the track record in business growth to help get West Virginia back on the right path.